Welcome New Neighbors with Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts

October 25, 2017

With easy access to award-winning schools, gourmet dining, fashionable shopping and exciting recreation, Irvine has become an attractive destination for homebuyers. When you live in Irvine, community is a valuable part of daily life and a welcoming gift is a great way to build strong neighborhood relationships. Whether it’s a gourmet recipe or dish, a gift certificate to a local boutique or a guide on things to do in Irvine, a housewarming present is a great way to share local knowledge while getting to know your community members.  

Sweet Treat Basket

Start things off on a sweet note with a simple treat basket! While you can choose to make sweets from scratch, this could also be a delicious way to introduce your new neighbor to local bakeries. Some of the best desserts in Orange County can be found in Irvine. Shops like 85°C Bakery Café, located in Diamond Jamboree, and Stax Cookie Bar, found in University Center, are just a few of the delicious options you can choose from – just remember to mention where you picked up the confection in your note! Since the most neighborly thing you can do is lend your neighbor some sugar, it’s only natural to add a jar of sugar to your basket to sweeten the deal.

DIY Sangria with Dispenser

Brighten up your neighbor’s doorstep with this fun and flavorful DIY sangria gift! Featuring bright pops of color from zesty oranges, lemons, limes and cranberries, this clever gift is both pleasing to the eyes and the taste buds. Assembly is as easy as gathering the ingredients and placing them in a drink dispenser. Add a wooden spoon to the presentation for easy stirring and you have a beautiful gift that is perfect for sharing with friends.

Farmers Market Produce

Provide your neighbor with farm-fresh produce and a list of the best local parks to explore for a fun-filled day out. You can find the freshest fruits and vegetables at the Irvine Farmers Market. From seasonal produce to hot meals and ice-cold lemonade, you can provide a variety of healthy and flavorful options in your farmers market-inspired gift. Feel free to include recipes for your favorite homemade dishes or a guide to your favorite famers market finds.

Movie Night Basket

Featuring warm and welcoming Great Rooms, Irvine homes make the ideal backdrop for an exciting movie night! This clever cinema-themed basket includes everything your neighbor will need for a fun night in – popcorn, candy and a gift certificate to the iTunes or Google Play store to download a blockbuster favorite. Now your neighbors can enjoy a perfect night in the comfort of their new home.

Move-In Essentials

For a more pragmatic approach to housewarming, give your new neighbor a kit that’s chock-full of move-in essentials. This jar strikes the perfect balance between style and functionality, as it includes all the necessities your neighbor needs to have a worry-free moving day. Providing items like hand soap, spot cleaner, picture hangers, candles, room spray, glue and cleaning brushes will save your neighbor a trip to the hardware store. If you’re curious about what to include in this gift basket, just take a look at your own everyday essentials – chances are your neighbor will be in need of similar supplies.

Dinner Gift Basket

Moving into a new home works up an appetite. Make sure your neighbor stays energized with a delicious and satisfying dinner. This basket includes all the ingredients needed for a tasty Italian dinner – spaghetti, marinara sauce, parmesan cheese, a bottle of sparkling water or wine and more. You can also treat your neighbor to dinner at one of Irvine’s best restaurants. Culinary hotspots like Cucina Enoteca, located at the Irvine Spectrum Center, and Urban Plates, found at Crossroads, are just minutes away.

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