Best Educational Afterschool Activities in Irvine

January 31, 2018

Afterschool activities in Irvine offer a fun and engaging way for children to build confidence, gain knowledge and prepare for a bright future. From exciting extracurriculars to rigorous academics, Irvine offers a variety of workshops and activities designed to help children grow creatively and intellectually. With tutoring centers, cooking classes, foreign language immersion and more, Irvine is the perfect place to find the right afterschool program to match your child’s unique interests.

Karis Language Academy

It doesn’t get more well-rounded than Karis Language Academy, where children can learn everything from a new language to computer coding. With Common Core Writing and Math courses taught by Irvine Unified School District instructors, and Mandarin Chinese, Korean, and English immersion classes, Karis Language Academy offers thought-provoking supplements to Common Core classes. It’s never too early to start introducing your child to a new language, and Karis Language Academy caters to children ages 3 to 12, with a special Parent and Me course available for toddlers and their parents. These hands-on immersion courses are available for beginners and native speakers, incorporating music, art and role-playing to help children get a better grasp of the language. In addition, Karis Language Academy also hosts private music lessons and an Arts and Movement afterschool program that focuses on drawing, painting, dance, musical theater and martial arts.

880 Roosevelt, Suite 210
Irvine, CA 92620
(949) 229-5880

Lil’ Chef School

Let your child get creative in the kitchen at Lil’ Chef School in Irvine! Established in 2010, Lil’ Chef School encourages children to make nutritious meals by introducing them to an array of cooking techniques. This innovative cooking academy teaches students the basics of cooking while also building their math, science and teambuilding skills. Each month coincides with a new, themed menu and, during these classes, children ages five and up will have the chance to whip up amazing meals.

15435 Jeffrey Road, Suite 132
Irvine, CA 92618
(949) 679-8390

PA College Prep

Getting into an amazing college brings students one step closer to securing a successful future. Offering over 19 years of experience in college prep and tutoring, PA College Prep has helped over 10,000 students achieve their academic goals and land coveted spots at the world’s most prestigious universities, including Harvard, MIT, Yale, Cal Tech and University of California, Berkeley. To prepare students for the college admissions process, PA College Prep specializes in SAT, ACT and AP test prep, admissions coaching, college counselling and small group subject tutoring. With a team of highly experienced teachers, counsellors and staff, PA College Prep pushes students to reach higher and make strides in their academic endeavors.

4947 Alton Pkwy
Irvine, CA 92604
(949) 398-5285

Bricks 4 Kidz

Does your kid love to build structures or dream up new inventions? Bricks 4 Kidz is the ideal afterschool program for engineers in the making, combining science, critical thinking and creative learning for a truly one-of-a-kind learning experience. Hosted at schools throughout Irvine, Bricks 4 Kidz incorporates a variety of Lego brick-building activities to teach kids the core concepts behind robotics, architecture, stop-motion and more. With programs available for children ages 6 through 12, Bricks 4 Kids is a great way to introduce science to children in a way that is both educational and highly engaging.  

Locations across Irvine

(949) 295-3046


Turn your child into a master storyteller at Storymakery, a creative writing workshop in Irvine. This six-week program teaches children everything they need to write their very own stories, covering writing basics, plot and character development, book publishing and more. With specialized classes available for children ages five to six as well as children ages seven to ten, Storymakery gets students thinking creatively and encourages them to explore the far reaches of their imagination. By the end of the program, children will be able to leave with three self-published, soft paperback books and a library of knowledge they can use in future academic projects.

825 Spectrum Center Dr.
Irvine, CA 92618
(949) 431-5061

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