5 Ways to Keep Your Home Organized During Back-to-School Season
August 24, 2016

Back-to-school season has arrived! As summertime comes to an end, tote bags and sunscreen get replaced with backpacks and calculators. Suddenly, your home is covered with loose papers, pens and text books. What was once an organized home can turn into a whirlwind of homework and endless school supplies. Luckily, there are quick and easy ways to keep track of your child’s back-to-school belongings while maintaining a clean look that inspires them to stay focused on academic excellence.

1. Storage is your new best friend.

Cubbies, bins and shelving can work wonders in a cluttered home. Whether it’s pull-out storage under the staircase, built-in bookcases or hanging storage space, creating an easily accessible location for your child’s school supplies, clothes, shoes and other knick-knacks will prevent clutter. Many forms of storage can be hidden from sight entirely, freeing up space while keeping workspaces neat and organized.

2. When all else fails, add a wall hook.

When it comes to home organization, wall space presents a huge piece of real estate for homeowners to capitalize on. From hanging backpacks to coats to lunchboxes, wall hooks are a simple way to store your child’s clothes and supplies when he or she comes home from school. Some forms of wall storage include built-in shelving and whiteboards to display event calendars and shopping lists.

3. Dens, lofts and bonus rooms make for perfect study spaces.

Move homework time from high-traffic areas, like the kitchen or the living room, to a more secluded spot. Dens, lofts and bonus rooms can transform into quiet, distraction-free places to get homework done while keeping all of your child’s school supplies in one location.

4. Create a homework station

Avoid messes by keeping all of your child’s supplies in a central location. You can fashion a homework station by placing pencils, markers, erasers and other school supplies in mason jars. When you have your school supplies organized, designate counter or table space for your homework station.

5. Construct a bulletin board for reminders, schedules and more so the whole family stays in the know

From basketball games to biology quizzes, a child’s calendar can fill up fast. Placing a chalkboard, corkboard or whiteboard in your home’s entry way or living room is a great way to stay on top of the day’s events. You can even post homework checklists, important schoolwork and personal documents to the board for quick access.

With these five design tips, there’s no reason to stress over back-to-school season! Using simple storage solutions is an easy way to ensure your home stays clean, organized and host-friendly.



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