The Top 5 Family Photo Spots in Irvine

August 30, 2021
Jeffrey Open Space Trail Irvine CA

The holidays are right around the corner and it’s never too early to start thinking about holiday cards! Spanning 57,500 acres in Irvine, there is a host of protected open space, walking trails and parks available to not only enjoy nature and connection with the outdoors, but to take beautiful family photos. Here are five Irvine parks to provide the perfect backdrop.


Jeffrey Open Space Trail

With a 3.5 mile stretch through the City of Irvine, the Jeffrey Open Space Trail provides ample access to some of the most lush, scenic areas in Irvine’s Open Space Preserve. This is one of the more popular parks in Irvine to take family photos and engagement photos, and the multiple scenic backdrops make it easy to see why! Click the links to see just two examples of how the Jeffrey Open Space Trail can be brought to life by and Visuals by Arpit.


William R. Mason Regional Park

With rows and rows of trees and a beautiful nine-acre lake, the 339 acres of this Irvine park offer not only a delightful escape, but so many different opportunities to capture the perfect family photos. Bring a unique perspective to your photos with the bridge on the lake, which showcases rich greenery in the background. 


Bommer Canyon

Bommer Canyon

Looking for a more rustic vibe for your photos this holiday season? Head to the old Irvine Ranch Cattle Camp, nestled in the heart of Bommer Canyon. Some of the original structures still exist, and Bommer Canyon Community Park is also an important preservation area for many local plants and wildlife. If you’re looking for hiking trails in Irvine, Bommer Canyon also contains the opportunity to stroll past ancient oak and sycamore groves. You can see some inspiration brought to life by clicking the link here (Lovisa Photo)..


Aldrich Park at University of California Irvine

A central park at the heart of University of California Irvine’s campus, Aldrich Park features a circular park around the widely-known by students, Ring Road. Named for Daniel Aldrich, Jr., UC’s dean of agriculture in 1961, this park forms a 19-acre circle of green slopes, gardens and trees. It also was chosen not only as the center of UC Irvine, but the city planned around it! From 51 different varieties of trees to the Aldrich Rock Garden, you will find the ultimate spots to take your family photos. Just check out this fun holiday card material from Nathan Nowack Photography and engagement session inspiration from Three 16 Photography


Quail Hill Community Park

Quail Hill Irvine CA

Spanning 2.8 acres, the Quail Hill Trailhead connects to southern Irvine’s extensive trail network. It also marks the beginning of the dog-friendly, two-mile Quail Hill Loop Trail. This trailhead in the Irvine Open Space Preserve features vibrant wildflowers, succulents and rolling hills that lend beauty to any photo. CC Street Studio and Square Eye Photography captured some truly fun and delightful family photos here!

With so many different parks and open spaces, there are lovely areas throughout Irvine where your family photos will truly shine. Learn more about the parks and open spaces in Irvine here. Which spot will you choose for your next photography session?

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