Reserve at Orchard Hills™ residents will have the opportunity to attend award-winning schools* within the acclaimed Irvine Unified School District, from kindergarten through the milestone of high school graduation. Quality education is the cornerstone of any community, and these remarkable schools provide students with access to signature academic programs, the experience of a challenging curriculum and exceptional teachers whose highest priority is student achievement.
CanyonView 720x285

Canyon View Elementary School

Canyon View Elementary School is consistently recognized as one of the top performing schools in Orange County. The staff has collaborated with parents, students and community partners to create and implement a broadly effective educational program that has received both state and national recognition. This school houses students in grades K-6.

•  California Distinguished School
•  National Blue Ribbon School


12025 Yale Court
Irvine, CA 92620
Office: (949) 936-6900
Christina Giguiere, Principal

Irvine Schools

Sierra Vista Middle School

Sierra Vista is ranked among California's top 10 percent of middle schools and offers 7th and 8th graders a dynamic, challenging curriculum and the opportunity to participate in art programs, intramural sports and leadership activities. Sierra Vista has a comprehensive science curriculum, which is a two-year program emphasizing the process of inquiry and experimentation while integrating the major themes of energy, evolution, patterns of change, scale and structure, stability, systems and interactions. Science instruction is delivered through an activity-based, hands-on approach.

•  California Distinguished School

2 Liberty
Irvine, CA 92620
Office: (949) 936-6600
Lynn Matassarin, Principal

NorthwoodHighSchool 720x285

Northwood High School

Orchard Hills residents can appreciate the proximity of Northwood High School. Northwood High School embraces a collaborative model in which teachers dissolve the boundaries that traditionally separate classrooms and disciplines and work together to write and refine curriculum. The physical structure of the school supports this spirit of collaboration. Every four classrooms are joined together by an adjacent student workroom; the student workrooms or "pods" allow teachers and students from different disciplines to open the doors of their classrooms and interact.

  • Gold rated by US News as part of the best highschools in the United States
  • California Distinguished School
  • National Blue Ribbon School

4515 Portola Parkway
Irvine, CA 92620
Office: (949) 936-7200
Leslie Roach, Principal

*Reserve at Orchard Hills homeowners are encouraged to personally contact their designated school district offices for specific information regarding school attendance boundaries. To contact the Irvine Unified School District, call 949-936-5000 or visit IUSD; for the Tustin Unified School District, call 714-730-7301 or visit TUSD.