EWES 720x285.png

Eastwood Elementary School

Designed to meet the highest educational standards, Eastwood Elementary School is conveniently located in the village center, so families can walk and bike to school. Continuing Irvine’s tradition of education excellence, the state-of-the-art campus features the latest educational technologies including dedicated music classrooms, innovation labs, design labs, a kindergarten play area, large outdoor play field and student collaboration spaces across all grades.

99 Meander
Irvine, CA 92620
Office: (949) 936-8100

SierraVistaMiddle 367x230

Sierra Vista Middle School

Sierra Vista is ranked among California's top middle schools and offers 7th and 8th graders a dynamic, challenging curriculum with opportunities to participate in art programs, intramural sports and leadership activities. Sierra Vista has a comprehensive science curriculum, a two-year program emphasizing the process of inquiry and experimentation while integrating major themes of energy, evolution, patterns of change, scale and structure, stability, systems and interactions. Teachers deliver science instruction through an activity-based, hands-on approach.

2 Liberty
Irvine, CA 92620
Office: (949) 936-6600

NorthwoodHighSchool 720x285

Northwood High School

Northwood High School embraces a collaborative model in which teachers dissolve the boundaries that traditionally separate classrooms and disciplines and work together to write and refine the curriculum. The physical structure of the school supports this spirit of collaboration. Every four classrooms are joined together by an adjacent student workroom; the student workrooms or "pods" allow teachers and students from different disciplines to open the doors of their classrooms and interact.

4515 Portola Parkway
Irvine, CA 92620
Office: (949) 936-7200

*Eastwood Village homeowners are encouraged to personally contact their designated school district offices for specific information regarding school attendance boundaries. To contact the Irvine Unified School District, call 949-936-5000 or visit https://iusd.org/.