Academic Excellence and More at Stonegate Elementary

June 21, 2016

Chromebooks available to 3rd- 6th grade classrooms. Weekly yoga to stay healthy and focused. Direct music instruction from credentialed musicians. All of this plus exceptional academic curriculum can be found at Stonegate Elementary. Here, there are no limitations to stimulating education and teachers are encouraged to implement innovative approaches to keep students engaged and inspired to learn more. 

yoga class at Stonegate Elementary

“We are constantly exploring new ways to teach and meet the needs of every child we work with,” says Principal Harmony Briscoe. The National Blue Ribbon and California Distinguished Elementary School takes academic excellence to a new level by being fearless of innovation and incorporating multiple instructional strategies for students to showcase their learning.

A testament to their academic excellence, Stonegate Elementary students score high on the State Assessment (SBAC/CAASPP), showing that critical thinking and deductive reasoning are areas of strength across the core disciplines of mathematics and language arts. Attributing to this success are the Stonegate Elementary teachers who invest time in figuring out who each child is and developing their individual growth path. Principal Briscoe explains that, “time is spent teaching and developing a growth mindset: the belief that skills and talents CAN be developed.” Every child that walks through the door at Stonegate Elementary receives personalized instruction on Common Core standards and the encouragement from their teachers invested in a nurturing learning environment.

Students in the computer lab at Stonegate Elementary

Already a leader in STEM education, Stonegate Elementary has started implementing the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Stonegate Elementary teachers incorporate these science standards into other areas of study to build an advanced cross-curriculum education that guides students in making connections in the world around them. For example, “Innovation Day,” incorporated into 6th grade classrooms, is a dedicated full day for students to take things apart, research expert facts, complete mini experiments and share their discoveries. In addition to this hands-on learning, teachers incorporate technology advancement in the classroom. Stonegate’s very own science lab teacher even wrote a grant for the implementation of robotics in daily science lessons. Other teachers integrate coding to solve problems and design systems. It is apparent the curriculum includes technology understanding and development for a balanced education in tune with today’s society.

Quality academics aside, the various extracurricular activities and special programs offered at Stonegate Elementary allow students to explore what makes them unique.  From the Stonegate News Team in charge of planning and producing the daily school news broadcast, to the Green Team that focuses on sustainability efforts at their school and beyond, to the Student Council that connects with the Irvine community, there is something for every student.

Stonegate Elementary School at dusk

The school prides itself in their community and family-oriented culture, and values the special relationship with parents to support the success of their children. At Stonegate Elementary, teachers, staff and parents come together to create a productive, positive and balanced learning environment for their students to play, learn, and grow. Stonegate Elementary, located within Stonegate Village, is an example of the quality education that creates the foundation for a great community. Irvine’s reputation as a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family is due in no small part to its schools and the community’s support.


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