How to Improve Your WFH Life and Space

How to Improve Your WFH Life and Space

Switching from “home mode” to “work mode” — while staying in the same house? It’s actually quite easy to get inspired once you put the right setup and tools in place! Since working from home has now become a reality for many of us,  improving your WFH space is more important than ever. We’ve put together 6 tips on how to make the most of the flexible space in our Irvine Pacific homes to maximize productivity, creativity and overall well being.


Find the Right Space for Your Home Office

The flexible home designs at Irvine Pacific offer so many ways to customize your space to your specific lifestyle. From optional lofts and dens to extra bedrooms and home offices, the homes in each neighborhood have different ways to create the optimal work from home environment. You can have a built-in desk and bookcase, include comfortable couches and armchairs and add plants for a homey yet professional vibe. A designated office space is our top tip for getting into the perfect WFH mindset.


Loft at Vivo at the Reserve at Orchard Hills

Vivo at the Reserve at Orchard Hills 


Start with the Right Office Setup

It’s important to put together the best possible setup for your space. Finding an ergonomic office chair and small but sturdy desk are both ideal, so you can focus on the task at hand and be comfortable at the same time. Paying attention to your backdrop is also important — remember, people can see you and where you’re working! Putting up some tasteful photos or art, or including a plant in the visibility line of your Zoom camera, can help add to the overall office vibe as well. Finally, a warm desk lamp can also help to enhance your space and bring a cozy yet productive feel to the workday. 


Child Bedroom with Bunk Bed and Desk at FrescoFresco Residence 3 


Recreate Your Children’s School Space

While your kids are still learning from home, it’s important to make sure they are as productive as possible during virtual classes. Creating a lofted bed and homework station, complete with bookcases and space for all of their school supplies and essentials, will help them focus throughout the day. Organize and customize their space with bins or tubs that color coordinate to their school subjects. Get the kids involved by having them decorate their bins and/or bin labels for each subject with stickers, paint or custom vinyl cut-outs. 


Stay Connected with Ease

A big part of WFH life is making sure your WiFi is good to go — and that you have the right apps in place to add ease to your workday. Embrace convenience and connectivity with the added amenities of Google Fiber and the Lutron Home Automation System. Google Fiber runs throughout select neighborhoods, allowing the entire family to stay connected whether you’re working from home or you want to settle in for a movie night. The Lutron Home Automation System allows you to control the lights and temperature via iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Android devices. Each home is also optimized for energy efficiency with a whole house fan, vinyl windows and tankless water heaters, providing you the utmost combination of luxury and sustainability.


Den at FrescoFresco Residence 1 


Keep Your Space Clean

While we know that constant cleaning may not sound like the most fun activity, it does help in overall productivity and well being! Trying to work in a cluttered or unkempt space is more challenging than one that is more pristine. Keeping your space looking and feeling fresh helps to give you a clear mindset and focus on the tasks at hand each day.


Take Breaks Throughout the Day

When you work from home, it can be more challenging to encourage yourself to take a break during the day. But, just as having the right office space and keeping it clean can help in your overall mood and productivity level, so can giving yourself a little break here and there. The homes at Irvine Pacific have access to abundant parks and open space throughout Irvine — so taking a morning or afternoon walk is both beautiful and refreshing.