5 Stylish Nursery Design Tips

May 23, 2017

Bring your bundle of joy home to a nursery that will pique his or her imagination! Babies are born ready to absorb everything around them. It’s important to create an environment that stimulates their senses, enhances development, and aids in the ultimate goal of restful sleep. Nurseries offer expecting parents an exciting opportunity to create a space full of style and personality. You'll be spending a lot of time in the nursery, so make sure it's soothing, fun and organized. Here is our list of five expert nursery design tips.

Experiment with Gender-Neutral Colors

When designing your nursery, consider going beyond the standard pink and blue color schemes! These days, gender-neutral nurseries are a major trend in the world of design. Whether you’re going for a bright and bold look or something more subdued, colors like green, yellow and grey can be great additions to a nursery. Keeping colors neutral will keep rooms versatile as you and your family grow into the home.

Get Creative with Wall Decor

While in their cribs, babies will spend lots of time looking at their surroundings. Securely mounted wall art and immersive wallpaper can inspire curiosity and creativity. When deciding on a decor, select art that is both intellectually and visually stimulating. Animals, letters and shapes, for example, can prove to be highly educational and beneficial to early childhood development.

Create a Focal Point

When designing any space, it’s always important to create an eye-catching focal point, and nurseries are no exception! Focal points can come in all shapes and sizes – they could be wall art or furniture – but in terms of nursery design, cribs make an excellent focal point. Depending on your design style, cribs can be neutral or colorful, ornate or simple. Ensure your little one has sweet dreams every night of the week with an eye-catching sleeping space.  

Provide Soft Textures

Create a space full of interesting textures for your baby to explore! Once babies start walking, soft carpet can catch them when they stumble. During playtime, woven tapestries and plush toys are both engaging and safe to play with. Even the changing station and crib can incorporate the softest linens for your baby to enjoy when taking a break from exploring.

Build a Corner for Parents

Make childcare as easy as possible by adding a “parent” station to your nursery. This is an all-in-one spot for story time, diaper changes and creative play. Maintaining the overall look and feel of your nursery design, this area can include changing tables, storage, a comfortable armchair or rocking chair, toys and more.


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