5 Family-Friendly Design Trends We Love

September 05, 2017

It’s time to start preparing your home for lots of kid-friendly activities with back-to-school season in full swing. From study stations to clever storage spaces, homes within the Villages of Irvine provide plenty of innovative space for your family’s needs. If you’re looking for ways to declutter, our easy family-friendly design trends will ensure your home stays clean, efficient and stylish during this busy time of year. Here’s a list of our favorite top trends:  

1. Create a Multimedia Office Space for the Whole Family

Embrace family living by designing a room that is inviting for both kids and parents. This room can be an office or multimedia space with a blackboard for practicing homework, a television for watching educational programs and built-in storage for keeping materials in order. To prevent chaos, clearly delineate one side of the room for educational activities and supplies – like television programs, workbooks, notepads, pens and pencils – and the other side of the room for office supplies, laptops and important files.

2. Curate a Family Gallery

If your child loves to draw and paint, consider celebrating his or her creativity by curating a family gallery. In addition to featuring your child’s art, this special spot in your home could highlight family photos, important quotes, homework and other objects or mementos that your family can cherish for years to come. From sleek and modern framing to contemporary asymmetrical displays to colorful and eclectic showcases, there are a variety of options and styles to choose from when putting together this one-of-a-kind art display in your great room or kitchen.

3. Utilize Multifaceted Pantries


With sports, afterschool programs, weekend events and homework, a child’s schedule can get very hectic. Placing a to-do list in the heart of your home – the kitchen – is a simple way to keep track of your child’s calendar. For a multipurpose organization solution, consider installing chalkboard paneling on pantry doors. Now, pantries can double as an easily seen message board that ensures your family makes it to every appointment, sports game and birthday party without forgetting any of the week’s grocery items.

4. Make Your Home Indestructible


When you have kids, furniture will get jumped on, plates will get broken and rugs will get stained. The best way to do damage control is to start off with an indestructible layout. Investing in durable fabrics, like leather and wool, easy-to-mop tile and hardwood floors and reliable cleaning supplies will keep your home clean for the long-haul. If your child likes to use the walls as a canvas, consider installing an easy-to-clean wall covering.

5. Choose a Theme Your Child Loves

Does your child have a favorite animal? What about a favorite book? If you’re choosing a theme for your child’s bedroom, their interests are a great place to start. Designing a space that lets your child’s inspiration thrive will evoke their imagination and get them thinking creatively. From whimsical castles and animal-filled forests to nautical or sports themes, there are plenty of ways to bring your child’s passions to life through interior design.  

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