How to Host a Perfect Summer Party

June 20, 2017

Pool parties, backyard barbecues, neighborhood potlucks – as the weather warms up, our social calendars get a much-needed spark during the summer season! With so many recipes, décor styles and activities to choose from, there is no end to the list of summer entertainment options. If you’re looking to arrange an unforgettable get-together this summer, check out our list of must-haves below!

1. Set Up a Drink Station

Living in Irvine goes hand-in-hand with idyllic summer weather. When your guests go outside, make sure they stay hydrated by setting up a drink station. This simple arrangement can include a variety of beverages, such as fruit-infused water or freshly squeezed lemonade, and gives guests the chance to pour themselves a glass whenever they please.

2. Keep Menus Fresh and Light

One of the best parts of summer is the delectable produce that’s in season! Plump tomatoes, creamy avocado, sweet corn and juicy watermelon are just a few of the flavorful delights you can find at the summer farmers market. Since the weather will be warm, guests are likely to gravitate toward refreshing salads, cold drinks and zesty flavors. If you’re planning a barbecue, be sure to balance the richer menu items with a lighter side dish like sliced tomatoes with corn and feta or watermelon and haloumi salad.

3. Design an Ambience that Pops

When it comes to décor, choose a design that reflects the season’s vibrant energy. From brightly hued cushions and pillows to patterned dishware, a summer party is the perfect place to showcase bold and colorful looks. Seasonal flowers, such as dahlias and marigolds, are stunning additions to table settings. To add a unique spin to party décor, consider incorporating a fun tablecloth or interesting lighting fixtures. Don’t forget to build a swinging summer playlist to get the party started.

4. Come Prepared with Activities

Add a fun twist to outdoor get-togethers with a list of activities for your guests to enjoy! Outdoor games like bocce ball, badminton and croquet are easy to set-up and will keep party goers entertained. If your guests have arrived during meal prep, let them to help you out in the kitchen. When everyone sits down to eat, present them with custom party favors, like personalized coasters or fresh honey, to commemorate their visit.

5. Transition from Day to Night


Prepare your party for day or night with a few key items. During the day, umbrellas and trellises create much-needed shade to ensure guests stay comfortable. When the sun goes down, have plenty of candles ready to shed some light while creating an inviting atmosphere. In case the weather gets chilly, place free-standing heaters around the table and adjust as needed.


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