Education and Exploration Flourish at Eastwood Elementary School

November 03, 2017

Irvine schools have ranked among the best in the nation year after year – and Eastwood Elementary School is on track to continue this legacy. This Irvine Unified School is located in the heart of Eastwood Village and serves as a welcome convenience for residents. Having opened its doors in August of 2017, Eastwood Elementary School is already proving to be one of the most innovative elementary schools in Irvine. From a dynamic campus to rigorous academic offerings, Eastwood Elementary School encourages children in grades K-6 to pursue a well-rounded and stimulating education.

Offering state-of-the-art amenities and expertly designed labs and classrooms, Eastwood Elementary School is leading the way in student-centered learning. The school makes every resource available – dedicated rooms for music and performing arts, the latest in learning technology and flexible furniture designed to promote collaboration. Classrooms feature chairs and tables that can be easily moved around depending on the day’s assignment. For outdoor recreation, Eastwood Elementary provides large outdoor playing fields with handball and tetherball equipment.


With such an engaging and exploratory learning environment, it’s no wonder that the Eastwood Elementary mascot is The Explorer, represented by a robot riding a rocket ship. Led by Principal Aaron Jetzer, Eastwood Elementary is founded on being BRAVE, which stands for Believe, Respect, Adapt, Validate, Empathize. This attitude is founded on a few key principles: “We believe that there are no limits to what we can accomplish. We know our voices matter and we have the ability to do great things. We respect ourselves and others by showing honor and appreciation through words and actions. We adapt our thinking and embrace growth. We validate each other as we seek to solve problems together. We empathize to improve the lives of everyone.”

Each grade embraces exciting educational activities in Mathematics, Language Arts, Science and Technology. With small class sizes, students receive hands-on education through a variety of projects. Whether it’s discovering the secrets of hurricanes and volcanoes using Google Expeditions or performing experiments to understand surface area and density, students have every opportunity to find their passion. In addition, as technology takes on a greater role in day-to-day living, students learn basic skills, such as typing, as well as more advanced lessons in online research.  

Another core element in Eastwood Elementary School’s overall culture is bringing the community together for regular events. Parents, students and teachers are invited to participate in a range of engaging happenings, including holiday events and fundraisers. There is a constant dialogue between teachers and parents to ensure lines of communication stay open and everyone has the best experience possible.

As Irvine Unified School District Superintendent Terry L. Walker noted in Eastwood Elementary School’s Opening Ceremony, “Eastwood Elementary represents new opportunities and exciting possibilities.” With so many exciting resources to offer and an enthusiastic team of teachers and staff, there’s no end to what students at Eastwood Elementary School can achieve. To learn more about this Irvine school, visit

Schools serving residents of Eastwood Village are subject to change. For more information on attendance boundaries, please call the Irvine Unified School District at (949) 936-5000.

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