5 Best Ice Cream Spots in Irvine

August 24, 2018
5 Best Ice Cream Spots in Irvine

On a warm summer day, few treats are more refreshing than ice cream. From luxurious sundaes to unique frozen creations, Irvine offers a wide variety of ice cream treats that will help you beat the heat. Ready to discover some of the best ice cream in Orange County?

1. SomiSomi

For an ice cream experience that is just as fun as it is delicious, head to SomiSomi at the Irvine Spectrum Center! This adorable ice cream shop serves a Japanese-inspired dessert called taiyaki, also known as Ah-Boong in Korean. Taiyaki comprises thick, creamy soft-serve on a traditional goldfish-shaped waffle cone. First, take your pick of SomiSomi’s signature ice cream flavors: matcha green tea, purple yam, milk or black sesame. Then, select one of three waffle cone fillings: red bean, custard or Nutella. Once you get your hands on a cone from SomiSomi, be sure to snap a photo, because these frozen treats look (and taste) amazing.

Irvine Spectrum Center
640 Spectrum Center Dr
Irvine, CA 92618
(949) 932-0760

2. Snow Monster

It doesn’t get much cooler than Snow Monster at the University Center! With toppings like cotton candy and Fruity Pebbles, this innovative Irvine dessert spot has become a popular destination for its fun and creative menu. While Snow Monster is known for serving up tasty beverages in quirky light bulb cups, the café also specializes in a truly one-of-a-kind frozen treat: Giant Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches! Just when you thought macarons couldn’t get any better, Snow Monster has sweetened the deal with a layer of rich ice cream. Baked from scratch, these macarons are available in a variety of flavors and can be paired with your choice of ice cream for a match made in dessert heaven.

4255 Campus Dr Ste A124
Irvine, CA 92612
(714) 582-6023 

3. Honeymee

For a sweet summer escape, look no further than Honeymee, located in the Harvard Place Shopping Center. Churning out decadent soft-serve treats topped with premium honey, Ghirardelli chocolate syrup and pure honey comb, Honeymee desserts are almost too pretty to eat. Made with the highest quality ingredients, Honeymee specializes in what they call “true milk” ice cream. This unique recipe lacks any artificial flavors and is as rich and creamy as it gets. The Irvine ice cream spot features a variety of ice cream options that incorporate unique flavors, like matcha green tea, lavender, and yuzu, which is a Japanese citrus fruit. Honeymee’s menu also offers plenty of options for people who prefer something more traditional, including plain soft-serve, milkshakes, and affogato, or ice cream served with espresso. 

17595 Harvard Ave Ste E
Irvine, CA 92614
(949) 536-5089

4. Scoops N Scoops

It’s not every day that you see imaginative ice cream flavors like Green Apple, Cinnamon Bun and Cookie Butter – but those are just a few of the unique offerings you can find at Scoops N Scoops! This ingenious ice cream parlor lets you get creative with the full spectrum of toppings, mix-ins and flavors. Upon arrival, you are given a sheet that lets you customize your ice cream from start to finish. Simply select your desired size, base (non-dairy, gluten free and non-fat frozen yogurt options are available) and go crazy with the shop’s unending list of toppings. You can also choose from one of Scoops and Scoops’ Iconic Creations like the Marshmallow X’Cream, made with toasted marshmallow ice cream and whipped marshmallow cream.

14411 Culver Dr
Irvine, CA 92604
(949) 786-0170

5. Strickland’s

You can’t discuss the best ice cream in Irvine without mentioning Strickland’s. With a special recipe that dates back to the 1930s, Strickland’s has been producing the finest frozen custard for almost 90 years! The nationally-renowned ice cream brand attributes its decades of success to its innovative ice cream machines that slow-churn the frozen treat until it is smooth and creamy. The brand’s Irvine location, which was the first Strickland's location to open outside of Ohio, features a menu of flavors that range from classic to totally out-of-the-box. During the month of August, for example, the Flavor of the Day rotates between a diverse selection of scoops, including Strawberry, Saffron & Rose, Coconut Almond Chip, Taro and Black Sesame. If you’re in the mood for a milkshake, stop by for Strickland’s weekly Milkshake Mondays event, where milkshakes are half-price from 4-8pm. The store even serves YoPup ice cream flavors, so your dog can stay cool for the summer.

523 Campus Dr
Irvine, California 92612
(949) 387-9955

Living in Irvine means you are just minutes away from Orange County’s best ice cream spots. For more on owning a home in Irvine, visit villagesofirvine.com.


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