Best Art Classes in Irvine

January 26, 2018

Ready to express your creative side? From sculpture to painting, you can find a variety of engaging, thought-provoking art classes in Irvine! Whether you’re looking to pick up a new hobby, unwind or simply want to create beautiful, unique artwork for your Irvine home, there are plenty of opportunities for aspiring artists in. Check out our list of where to find the best art classes in Irvine below!

Irvine Fine Arts Center

Interested in trying a new art class but not quite sure where to start? Consider enrolling at the Irvine Fine Arts Center! Open to students ages three and up, the Irvine Fine Arts Center offers a wide range of classes for beginners and experts alike. With an entire catalogue of art classes to choose from, it is known for its variety of workshops, camps, open studio classes and family art classes. Here, students can enroll in exciting art classes that span multiple mediums, from digital to print and beyond. In addition to courses in drawing, painting, ceramics and photography, students can also participate in traditional classes, like quilt art, mosaics, lace-making and Ikebana, or Japanese flower arranging, jewelry fabrication and printmaking – and that’s just scratching the surface! Click here to explore the center’s full catalogue.

14321 Yale Avenue
Irvine, CA 92604
(949) 724-6880

Aspire Art Studios

Art classes can be a great resource for children, offering a thought-provoking way to educate and inspire. Located in the Quail Hill Shopping Center, Aspire Art Studios specializes in art classes for children ages 4-17. With classes available Monday through Saturday, Aspire Art Studios is great for afterschool education and it also offers seasonal art camps in the winter, spring and summer. During these classes, children will have the chance to practice an array of art styles, including sketching, cartooning, landscape and design, as well as mediums like soft pastels, colored pencils, watercolors and markers. Children will also be able to enter their artwork into local contests where they can show off their talents.

6829 Quail Hill
Irvine, CA 92603
(949) 857-1688

Studio H Fine Art Gallery

Imagination and creativity thrive at Studio H Fine Art Gallery in Irvine. Established by Orange County artist Iris Heffes, Studio H provides a relaxed and nurturing environment for children, teens and adults to reach their artistic potential. Classes are available for those interested in painting, drawing, sculpting and mixed media. Plus, if you plan on hosting an event, Studio H welcomes large groups for creative events and birthday parties.

2691 Richter Ave
Irvine, California 92606
(949) 231-8002

Mission: Renaissance Fine Art Classes

For a hands-on approach to fine art, sign up for a class at Mission: Renaissance Fine Art Classes. With classes available for children, teens and adults, Mission Renaissance expands artistic abilities at a steady pace using formal art instruction. Specializing in the Gluck Method, a form of step-by-step art instruction developed by prestigious art educator Larry Gluck, Mission: Renaissance guides students toward artistic success through a combination of live demonstrations, lectures and goal-oriented exercises and assignments. Helping students create stunning artwork they can be proud of, it’s no wonder Mission: Renaissance is becoming one of the most popular hubs for artistic education in Southern California.

4606 Barranca Parkway
Irvine, California 92604
(949) 551-5883

Froshay Fine Art Classes

Have you ever wanted to take an art class from a master artist? Well, now you can! Led world-renowned artist Wendy Froshay, Froshay Fine Art Studio presents students with a unique, one-on-one learning experience. With small class sizes comes a lot of personal attention and the chance to really hone in on your artistic development. Froshay Fine Art Studio provides classes for artists ages 16 and over and are ideal for all experience levels. Classes cover everything from the fundamentals of drawing to composition and color theory, each outlining specific topics in a structured and engaging atmosphere.

4092 Salacia Dr.
Irvine, CA 92620
(949) 551-1987

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