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Conserving Our Precious Resource: 10 actions Irvine Company is taking to aggressively reduce potable water use at our properties.

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Water Conservation

water conservation

Since the Irvine Company was founded more than 150 years ago as an agricultural business, we have thoughtfully and innovatively conserved and reused water. The company has a long history as a respectful steward of this valuable land and as an industry leader in water conservation. Long before the California drought prompted serious conservation efforts, the Irvine Company has worked closely with the City of Irvine and the Irvine Ranch Water District to implement water-saving technologies. Year after year, we have taken a proactive approach to preservation and master plan our residential villages in a sustainable, environmentally sensitive manner. 

The results of such visionary planning have been impressive and meaningful. For instance, the use of recycled water has saved millions of gallons of potable (drinking) water in our villages each year, and our communities include a comprehensive water usage and conservation plan to ensure each project has adequate resources. With our new homes saving over 50% more water* than their older counterparts thanks to water-efficient fixtures and appliances, we are also bringing this technology to your doorstep. 

Did you know?

+ Our village landscaping is irrigated with recycled water so parks and green belts look good and important resources aren't depleted.

+ Drought-related restrictions do not apply to the quantity of recycled water that may be used.

+ To help reduce water use, our villages are equipped with state-of-the-art, high efficiency irrigation systems:

  • Smart irrigation controllers: This high-tech system saves valuable water resources by irrigating landscapes based on plant/soil type, and weather satellite data has the capacity to shut off the system during rainy or cold conditions.
  • Drop and low-flow irrigation: With overhead spray systems that are compliant with California Green Building Standards and irrigation that lets water slowly absorb into the ground to dramatically reduce consumption, our watering plan has all the angles covered.
  • Master valves with flow sensors: Our system includes smart sensors that automatically shut off the water when a leak is detected. 

10 actions Irvine Company is taking to aggressively reduce potable water use at our properties»

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*Source: Building Industry Association