Simple DIY Halloween Costumes That Will Wow Your Kids

October 05, 2017

Costumes, candy, jack-o-lanterns – it doesn’t get more festive than Halloween in Irvine. As a holiday that revolves around imagination and playing pretend, there are endless creative projects that families can enjoy together during this time of year. One of Halloween’s most popular DIY projects is constructing a simple Halloween costume for your kids. Rather than heading over to the Halloween store, parents stock up on fabrics and everyday household items to put together a custom costume made with love. For parents on the go, there are plenty of simple Halloween costumes that are a snap to pull together. Check out our list below for some inspiration.


If you have some spare inner tubes left over from the pool this summer, you have an instant donut costume! For this sweet costume, you will need a few cans of spray paint (preferable peach or beige for the donut, hot pink for the frosting and various colors for the sprinkles) and foam hair curlers. Spray the entire inner tube with the beige spray paint and, once the paint dries, use poster board or tape to protect the inside of the donut and outer edges. Then, use the brightly hued spray paint to create the “frosting.” Color the hair curlers in a range of colors and hot glue them on to the inner tube for a sprinkle effect.


This easy koala costume is perfect for parents and children to create together! Gather up some cereal boxes (the grey interior makes an excellent, eco-friendly base) or grey cardstock, pencil, black marker, scissors, hole punch, masking tape, glue stick, thin elastic and some fluffy material like faux fur or cotton balls. Feel free to trace your koala face or use this handy printable template provided by My Poppet. After tracing the template on grey card stock, fill in the nose and eyes with black marker. Use a hole punch to create eyes and cover the ears with your faux fur or fluffy material. Then punch two additional holes on either side of the mask and attach the elastic band. Finish the look with a grey sweater and you have an instant koala costume!


As children, we all wanted to have superpowers, so why not give make your kid a caped crusader for a day? Created by none other than DIY guru Martha Stewart this brilliant, kid-friendly costume requires a little sewing and cutting. If your child can safely handle scissors, encourage him or her to provide a helping hand in putting this costume together! All you have to do is trace a letter or symbol on a piece of fabric (your child’s initials are a great option for this part) and then cut the fabric. To make the cape, cut holes along the edge of a sheet of fabric and run a piece of ribbon through. Then, take a plain t-shirt and glue the fabric letter or symbol in the center. Now, your child is ready to fly up, up and away for some trick-or-treating!

Winged Animals

Butterflies, bats, dragons, flying squirrels – the list of winged animals your child can be goes on and on! Depending on your child’s preferences, this costume can go in a variety of different directions. All you need is a few large pieces of fabric, ribbon and fabric paint – the color scheme and accessories are up to you! This simple butterfly costume uses pink fabric and blue ribbon to create beautiful wings. Parents can add extra details by creating “antennae” out of a headband and some pipe cleaners. 

Classic Robot

Leave it to Oh Happy Day to put a modern twist on a classic costume! Paying homage to Halloween costumes of the past, this robot costume is a clever and eye-catching option that also happens to be incredibly easy to make. This costume requires four basic materials – wiring, cardboard boxes, piping and lots and lots of aluminum foil. Make sure you select a cardboard box that will fit your child comfortably, then cut holes large enough for their head, arms and legs to fit through. Cover the cardboard box with aluminum foil. Construct the arms and legs out of piping and be sure to line the holes with felt to make sure your child is comfortable. For the head, take a smaller cardboard box, wrap it in aluminum foil and then cut out a smiley face for your child’s eyes to peek through. Top this box with a spring and colorful Styrofoam ball and say hello to a shiny, new robot!


If your kid is a fan of dinosaurs, he or she will love this DIY costume! Select felt in your child’s favorite colors and then cut the felt into diamond shapes. Place the pieces of fabric evenly down the back of a basic jacket. Sew each piece right down the middle. Then, use fabric glue to bring the pieces of felt together, creating “spikes” while covering up any visible seams. There you have it! A customized jacket that looks straight out of the Jurassic era.

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