7 Easy Recipes to Try This Thanksgiving

November 09, 2020
Sheet Pan Thanksgiving Dinner

Did someone say stuffing and pumpkin pie? While Thanksgiving may look a bit different this year, it’s still the perfect time to come together with loved ones and enjoy the tasty dishes that make celebrating this holiday so special — especially when they’re easy to make from the comfort of your own chef-inspired kitchen. We’ve put together a list of easy Thanksgiving recipes you’ll definitely be thankful for.



An entire Thanksgiving dinner may sound daunting, but have no fear — this can be done using only two sheet pans! Simply stop by Whole Foods Market at nearby Fashion Island or Los Olivos Marketplace to pick up turkey, sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts, and voilà! You’re on your way to having a delicious meal ready in the flash of a pan (or two).



brussel sprouts

Speaking of brussels sprouts… in our opinion, you can never have too many of these tasty treats. If you’re not already brussels sprouts obsessed, this recipe will definitely change your mind—since they’re coated in honey and roasted with bacon. What better way to use the stainless steel appliances in your gourmet kitchen, right?



brie bites

Puff pastry. Cranberries. Pecans. Brie. Is your mouth watering yet? Place these delectable Brie Bites on your spacious kitchen island for the family to enjoy. Pro tip: Try to grab a couple before they’re gone! We hope these brie bites don’t upstage your turkey too much (but we make no guarantees).



This seems to be one of the more polarizing side dishes of the Thanksgiving feast — but in our book, it’s a classic. Plus it’s unbelievably easy to cook, whether you make your own mushroom sauce or use the canned soup — and it’s ready in 30 minutes!



mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes. Just the two words somehow immediately make things feel more homey and inviting. This recipe combines three pounds of potatoes with butter, milk and mashed potatoes, — all of which you can pick up at one of the nearby shopping centers — to make them super creamy. 



Four ingredients and 15 minutes are all you need to make this cranberry sauce that tastes so good, your family will swear you spent hours on it. This dish also lends some rich, gorgeous color to your Thanksgiving table.



pumpkin pie

Is it even Thanksgiving if you don’t have pumpkin pie? (We’re going with no.) Since this one involves cutting out fall decor-inspired accents with cookie cutters, this is a great way to get the whole family involved and spend time together in your gourmet kitchen — not to mention you’ll all enjoy eating it together in your modern dining area at the end of your meal.


There’s no better time to use your gourmet kitchen in the masterfully-planned Villages of Irvine than by putting together the perfect Thanksgiving meal. Explore all of our neighborhoods and find your future forever home here.

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