5 Elegant Home Decor Tips for the Winter Season

November 17, 2017

As the weather cools down and the holiday season arrives, our focus moves from outdoor spaces to warm and cozy interiors. Winter is the time of year when our schedules are filled with gatherings and special events, many of which occur at home. If you are planning a get-together this month, consider adding a festive touch to your home with elegant, winter-themed décor. These simple, yet eye-catching, projects can be created with everyday objects and instantly bring comfort to living spaces.

1. Design a Seasonal Wreath

Welcome guests into your home with a winter-inspired wreath! Featuring classic pine branches, pinecones and thistles, this beautiful wreath is the perfect accent to adorn your Irvine home. To start, gather sprigs of pine, rosemary, pinecones, thistles and berries for a bright pop of color. Using a wire frame, place the evergreen sprigs in a circular pattern. Once you have a well-defined circle of greenery, attach your pinecones and decorative flowers evenly around the circle using floral tape or floral wire. Fresh and fragrant, this wreath is a fun and stylish way to kick off the winter season.

2. Incorporate Seasonal Scents

Add another layer of warmth to your home with seasonal fragrances. Potpourri is one example of elegant décor that enhances a home’s atmosphere with inviting scents. Cinnamon, cloves, pine needles and dried citrus bring earthy, organic elements into living spaces while evoking a festive, wintery atmosphere. Another benefit of potpourri is its customizability as you can easily replace the featured produce depending on the occasion and the season.

3. Arrange a Jewel-Toned Table

Showcasing deep purple, green, cranberry and orange color schemes, this stunning winter table is both rustic and glamorous. Featuring the best produce of the season – like pomegranates, citrus and persimmons – paired with crimson leaves and flowers, this dramatic set up is as captivating as it gets. Once dinner is over, feel free to leave the floral arrangements on the table for an elegant look.

4. Come Home to a Cozy Refuge

Ensure your bedroom stays warm and cozy during the colder months with a few décor changes. Incorporating velvet throws, faux fur pillows and soft rugs will create a bedroom that is both luxurious and comfortable. To add some unique appeal to your master bedroom, consider combining neutral fabrics with vibrant pops of color.

5. Illuminate Spaces with Festive Details

Beautiful holiday home design is all in the details. Simple additions, like vases of fresh pine leaves, glass bubbles and tea lights and planters filled with kindling, evergreens and string lights, will instantly produce an inviting look and feel ideal for the holidays. This is also a perfect craft to do with family and friends.

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