Spring at the Irvine Farmers Market

April 11, 2017

It’s official! Spring has sprung at the Irvine Farmers Market and the produce is more vibrant than ever. From ripe tomatoes to creamy avocados, juicy strawberries to tasty baked goods, you can find everything you need for your next backyard barbecue at this bustling farmers market.

Looking to brighten up your home? Consider picking up a bundle of colorful tulips from Maldonado Growers. Presenting in stunning hues, like purple, yellow and orange, these flowers celebrate the vibrancy of spring and summer. Feel free to make a statement by mixing and matching colors or create single-shade bouquets for a more refined look.

One of the biggest showstoppers at the Irvine Farmers Market are the heaps of bright red tomatoes. Walking from stall to stall, it’s hard to miss gems from vendors like Valdivia Farms. Just in time for the warmer months, these vine-ripe tomatoes are great for any light dish. From cherry to beefsteak, you can find the perfect tomato to compliment your next salad or sandwich at the Irvine Farmers Market.

Next on the list is delicious blueberries and blackberries. You can find tasty fruits at the Gaytan Family Farms stall, among other locations throughout the farmers market. Feel free to eat these delicious berries on their own or add them to a summery dessert for added sweetness and flavor.

If there’s one thing we learned at the Irvine Farmers Market, it’s that corn is in-season! While we were impressed by the sweet, raw corn that filled the farmers market, there were quite a few cooked options that attracted food lovers. For corn on the cob grilled to perfection, check out the grilled corn stall near the cooked foods aisle of the market. When drafting a menu for your next outdoor gathering, count in rich, freshly baked cornbread from Picket Lane Bakery.

Always a crowd-pleaser, Arnett Farms has brought its citrus A-game to the Irvine Farmers Market this season. Offering buckets brimming with citrus and samples at every corner, a visit to the Arnett Farms produce tent is both pleasing to the eyes and the taste buds. From grapefruit to tangerines to lesser known citrus varieties, Arnett Farms is home to some of the most bright and bold flavors this season has to offer.

Ever heard of a jujube? Also known as a red date, these fruit are popular in Asia and parts of Europe for their sweet flavor. You can experience these international treats at the VGC Ranch stall, where vendors offer heaping bags of them sun-dried and ready for snacking. 

The warm weather of spring and summer often calls for leafy green salads and where better to find your favorite bunch than Beyond Bok Choy Farms at the Irvine Farmers Market? Specializing in greens and produce from around the world, this food stall has everything from peppery Tuscano kale to massive stalks of green onion. With so much selection, you’ll leave this stall with a laundry list of new dishes to try.

Last but not least, we have one item that’s not to be missed this season: strawberries! Left and right it seemed like every stall had their own variety of sweet and juicy strawberries to offer. Drawing in crowds with their vibrant pink and red colors, the strawberries at the Irvine Farmers Market were so delicious, it was impossible to just have one!


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