Learn About the Build it Green Program in Villages of Irvine

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Build it Green Program

Environmental stewardship has always been an inseparable component of the Master Plan process.

When the Irvine Company made the historic decision to master-plan The Irvine Ranch in the late 1950s, environmental stewardship was an inseparable component of that process.

Indeed, the company was a pioneer of the concept of sustainable development; for more than 50 years, our focus has been on creating communities that balance jobs, schools and housing with open space and respect for natural resources. Today, our commitment to environmental stewardship is stronger than ever as we continually seek and implement responsible solutions that balance the needs of the community with those of the environment. Our new "Build It Green" program is yet another example of that ongoing commitment to green home building in Irvine, CA.

The new "Build It Green" program in Irvine encourages builders to incorporate conservation into home design and building practices, and also allows consumers to easily measure exactly how green these new homes are.

The non-profit "Build It Green" program trains and certifies independent inspectors who are experienced building industry professionals. These inspectors score green homes for sale in Orange County, CA on a rating system that enables homebuyers to compare them across four categories.

When a builder participates in the program, GreenPoint reviews the project, and plans and inspects the green homes during construction. Point values are assigned based on how features and practices benefit the homeowner and the environment. What does it take to earn a GreenPoint Rating on green homes for sale in Irvine, CA? While not every home will include every feature, these are some of the advantages found in a new home that earns high points from GreenPoint: energy efficiency, resource conservation, indoor air quality, water conservation, and a better community.